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About us

PEX, is your provider of sensing and smart connection solutions for the automotive industry with a rich experience in development, tooling production, prototyping, manufacturing, series supply, aftermarket, test and validation. PEX is supporting its customer starting from concept idea to the end of life.

PEX products target harsh environments demanding solutions meeting high temperature requirements for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, while continuously further improving its high quality track record.

Segment Product Main application
Sensors Wear Indicator Brake systems
  Temperature Sensor Exhaust gas and others
  HALL Sensor Double-clutch transmission and others
Smart Connections Special Cable Solutions Various
  Smart busbars AC/DC inverter and electric motor for hybrid and E-vehicles

Close to Customers

PEX automotive business is driven out of Eningen, near the Airport of Stuttgart, being close to its local customer base including important tier-1 and OEM customers. The team includes sales, project management, engineering and general management, all anxious to provide best-in-class customer support, innovation and fast decision cycles.

High Quality Manufacturing Excellence

The production location in Europe is located in Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary near the beautiful city of Budapest. With its 225 employees, PEX can provide the following competencies to its automotive customers:

  • Prototyping including in-house tooling manufacturing

  • Cable confection (cutting, crimping, mounting, gluing, tight connections, isolation, connector molding, etc.)

  • Over-molding metal and electronics

  • Staking plastics

  • Ultrasonic metal welding

  • Resistance welding

  • Stamping & bending

  • Mechanical and electrical design

  • Sensor integration

  • Material know-how

  • End-of-line testing

  • Customer/product specific solutions

  • Test and validation

All PEX locations are qualified in accordance to the IATF 16949 Quality Management System, the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 50001 Energy Management System and operates in line with the automotive industry standards.

As a mid-sized company, PEX is aiming to drive innovation by listen to customers, while flexibly reacting on market trends and needs. It is the primary goal of PEX to create value for shareholders, associates and the society. Every effort of the company serves this target, our associates work on achieving it with empowered responsibility.

Global Footprint

As member of Shanghai Baolong Automotive Corporation, PEX is able to access the global footprint of its parent company including additional process and product competencies for its automotive customers in Europe.

Who is Baolong?

Baolong is a listed automotive supplier headquartered in Shanghai, China. Founded in 1997, Baolong never ceases to innovate in automotive products and solutions. Today, Baolong has several production bases, R&D centers and sale centers located in China, the USA, Germany, Poland, Japan, etc. The operations of Baolong are divided into five business units: Automotive Rubber & Metal Parts, Automotive Metal Tubing, Automotive Electronics, International Trade, and Carxpert Automotive Engineering.

What is Baolong doing?

Baolong uses its expertise in automotive technology to offer high-quality orientated, competent and creative products for its customers. The products include tire valves, wheel weights, exhaust pipes, tire pressure monitoring systems(TPMS), automotive pressure sensors, rain/light sensor, 360° view system, chassis & body structural parts, air suspension, etc. Up to now, Baolong has been one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers of tire valves and exhaust pipes. By successfully launching TPMS for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, Baolong has also been regarded as the market leader in this field in China.

We are Baolong

Baolong employs more than 3,600 associates worldwide (as of December 31, 2017). By upholding the concept of "Developing innovative technology to improve auto components" as the company mission, Baolong is always seeking long-lasting solutions to let more people benefit from the development of automotive technology.

The mission statement explains what drives us, what we have in common, and what we stand for. We want to leave a lasting trace in the world — achieved by a unique outstanding team.

Environment first

As a technology company, PEX is creating sustainable and energy efficient products and solutions that help protect the environment, reduce CO² and other greenhouse gas emissions.

As a production company, PEX is optimizing the environmental efficiency and energy consumption of all processes in the supply chain.  

As a part of the society, PEX is committed to sustainable growth, which is beneficial for its employees, the environment and the society as a whole.

Growth through People Excellence

By investing in R&D and people excellence, PEX will deliver on its growth strategy in the areas of:

  • Sensors enabling intelligent solutions

  • Smart connection helping to meet the next generation requirements of hybrid and E-vehicles

  • Enhanced technologies for harsh automotive environments

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