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Brake wear indicators (BWI)

Brief description

The brake wear indicator measures the wear of the brake pads. These pads include a wire, which comes in contact with the break disc after wear.

This will transmit a signal to the control unit.

The brake wear indicator or sensor is a safety feature to warn the driver if the break pad lifetime becomes critical. The sensor is mounted on the brake pad and routed through the caliper. Typically 2-4 wheels of a vehicle rely on brake wear indicators.


  • Improved safety

  • Developed for harsh environments (e.g. salt spray)

  • Robust solution regarding hight temperatures

  • Single- or multiple sensing signals

  • Harness, connector and mounting can be fully customized

  • Material and process competencies for high- and low tempearture applications

  • Complete control of the manufacturing process with proven quality track record

  • Patented and proven sensor head design

  • Easy Integration

  • Modular solution enables fast prototyping


  • Patented and proven sensor head design for high environmental requirements

  • Easy integration

  • High reliability in harsh environments

  • Modular solution enables fast prototyping

Available support

  • Full customization possible

  • Rapid prototyping

Physical characteristics

  • Voltage PKW =  14,4V

  • Voltage LKW =  24V

Typical applications

Brake wear control for passeneger cars, light and heavy duty as well as commercial vehicles

Application example

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