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Custom cable solutions

Brief description

PEX manufactures custom cables for specific automotive applications based on customer requirements.

PEX core competencies include cable cutting, stripping, skinning, crimping, connector mounting, over-molded connector including tight connection, marking, hot-melt, splicing, ultrasonic welding, marking, testing, tooling manufacturing and other special manufacturing steps.

With solid expertise in material selection for harsh and high temperature applications, PEX custom cable solution is meeting high quality requirement of the automotive industry.


  • Comprehensive cable customization

  • Suitable for harsh, high stress, high temperature environments

  • Thermoplast and duroplast over-molding solutions

  • Tight connections


  • Custom solutions for low volume/high mix to high volume/low mix series application

  • Hermetically sealed cables for high reliability over the vehicles lifetime

  • High quality

  • One source solution based on comprehensive process, product and material competencies

  • Over 40 years of experience

  • Weight savings driven by customization

  • Variety of markings improving traceability, while optimizing installation time

Available support

  • Comprehensive customization

  • Free consulting and advice during design phase

  • Rapid prototyping

Typical applications

Custom cable solutions for passenger cars, light and heavy duty as well as commercial vehicles

Application example

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